The Forum Mall
Excalibur / Goblet/ W 29 / P 13

Open from 9 pm - 12:00 am EST

Featured Paintings

Paintings will rotate occasionally
There will be a limited number of each painting available weekly.
Apologies in advance if we are sold out.

Hanging Barbs Watercolor Painting

Price: $20,000 Gil

Singing Shards Watercolor Painting

Price: $18,000 Gil

Painting of Sullen

Price: $20,000 Gil

Painting of Where the Dry Returns

Price: $20,000 Gil

Other Items

  • Easel : $20,000

  • Travel Paint Set : $23,000

  • Paint Can : $23,000


We will announce when we have guest over on the Glamazon Eorzea discord.

Walk-In Portrait Commissions

Our artist will take walk-in quick sketch portrait commissions during the time the Mall is open.Portraits are 3.5 mil Gil each
or 6.5 mil Gil for a couples sketch
If you see them already busy with a customer feel free to ask if there will be another spot available or you can book a time slot for the following week with either of the staff.

For Portrait inquiries please do not hesitate to send our artist a tell.
(Portraits will be done in a similar style of the 2 pieces below and will be posted in the Glamazon Discord for pickup or can be sent through DMs)

Other Examples

Portrait Bookings

Feel free to book a time slot in advance to get a portrait done.We do expect those who reserve a slot to show up within a 15 minute window or we will open up the time slot to another customer.